The Bronx - La Villette

The exhibition is visible until April, 28 at the Poe Park Visitor Center in the Bronx.

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Saint Malo
Saint Malo
Paris - France: The Color Run starting in Hotel de Ville until Trocadero. 21 thousand participants for this event.

Burlesque performer Sugar da Moore
Sophie la girafe
Stephanie for Deborah Veale

about me

photographer and cinematographer
Matteo Pellegrinuzzi
I started falling in love with photography at the age of 4 when I took my first picture. At 6, I had my first camera. Then, when I was 14, I had my first publication. I’ve been working for the press since 2002 and I’ve been published in international newspapers and magazines.
I’ve been living in Paris in the last ten years and I work between France and Italy on social projects.
I studied History of Cinema at University of Pavia in Italy, and this permitted me to develop my passion for photography into the audiovisual field. I have contributed in the making of many movies as a cameraman and cinematographer since 2005.
My first love is still photography, but it is always a good challenge to be a cinematographer.

I’m working with digital cameras for photo and video, a largest part of my photographic production today is realized with analog camera. I currently use medium and large format cameras.
I work with traditional black and white and color films but I recently started discover others material like Harman positive paper or Collodion.

Paris Fashion Week
Fanta in New York City
Actor Holt McCallany in Paris


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